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Special Forces Rings Honor These Exceptional Members of the Military

Depending on who you talk to, there is only one unit that
qualifies as the United States Special Forces This would
be the United States Army Green Berets.

This highly trained, specialized group of soldiers is called upon when
traditional means of military action simply won’t get the job done.

The first Green Beret designation occurred in 1953, but it wasn’t fully authorized
until President Kennedy acknowledged this “mark of distinction” in 1961.

Since then, the Green Berets have always been considered to be a very elite group of soldiers.
They are considered a “cut above” the traditional solder, enduring conditions and scenarios
that many others cannot. These are some of the most self-reliant, resilient soldiers that the
United States military has and they are held in high regard.

Customize a Military Ring

If you or a loved one has had the distinct honor of serving this country as a Green Beret,
then it’s time to recognize that service with a Special Forces ring.

Of course, there are traditional Army rings available, but when you serve in the Green
Berets, a simply Army ring won’t suffice. Special Forces rings are a visual representation
of the endless hours of training, incredible fortitude, and unbelievable responsibility that
comes with being a Green Beret. This unit requires a great deal from their soldiers,
including the highest level of integrity, skills, and sacrifice.
This is why a traditional Army ring simply is not enough.

When searching for Special Forces rings, you should take care to find a company that will help you design a ring that truly expresses the core values of this unit. The Special Forces crest is held in very high regard and is often chosen for the top of the ring.

This engraved crest can be done in color or simply left in the beautiful tones of the precious metal the ring is made of. The sides of a Special Forces ring often contain a symbol or emblem of a specific military campaign the Green Beret were part of or even an insignia that few would understand.

Special Forces rings can be engraved inside the band with a two to three word phrase, initials, or a date. Not only does this add a personalized element to the ring, but it also makes it easier to identify should the ring become lost or stolen. These rings are treasured and passed onto to children and grandchildren as mementos of their relative’s honor and sacrifice.

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You can order Special Forces rings and Green Beret rings online and it only takes a few minutes.
Each step of the ordering process is quite simple. Once your order is placed, it will take between
two and three weeks for you to receive your ring.

You can also have the ring shipped anywhere in the world, such as to one of the
many locations where Special Forces are currently deployed.

Special Forces rings are a unique and individualized way to recognize
the honor, dedication, and sacrifice of these elite military members.

For more information on Special Force Rings, click here

Military Rings symbolize honorable service

The first military rings were given to the graduates Army-Rings
of the United States Military Academy in 1835.

Since that time, this piece of  military jewelry has become a tradition,
but not only for those that graduate from a military academy.
Today, they are used to recognize a military member’s service,
but with a personal touch. There are many styles of rings
available and the options for customizing the rings make
this a fantastic gift idea for a friend or family member.

Military Rings

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Styles of Military Rings
Do you remember what your class ring looked like? This is what one of the styles of military rings resembles. It has a semi-precious stone on the top and emblems or insignias on the side. One of the most popular styles available, this ring can highlight a number of different aspects of a military career.

The second style is that of a signet ring and it’s elegant and formal. Simple in design, but very beautiful, this ring features a military crest or emblem on the top. The tops are plain, but this only adds to the overall beauty. The final style of ring available today combines the best of the above styles, creating a ring with a crest or emblem on the top and your choice of emblem, symbols, and insignia on the sides. There are hundreds of emblems to choose from, including branch crests, unit insignias, military flags, and even special interests.

Available Material Choices
These rings are available in gold, silver, or valedium. Gold and silver are softer metals than valedium, so if this ring will be worn every day, it’s best to choose the hardest metal. Valedium will last longer, as it resists scratches, scrapes, and overall wear. If the ring will be worn for special occasions, then the gold and silver will not disappoint. Consider the colors of the branch of service the member serves in and which will look best with a dress uniform.

Ordering and Shipping
It’s easy to order military rings online and it’s less expensive than you might think. Military rings are handmade, with excellent craftsmanship, so your ring will take approximately two weeks to complete. The ring can be shipped anywhere in the world, arriving in a beautiful gift box. If your friend or loved one is on a remote deployment, you may want to keep the ring until they return to ensure that the recipient actually receives it.

A Final Thought or Two
Military rings are a fantastic way to recognize someone’s service and sacrifice. Since these rings can be customized for each individual, they are terrific choice for deployment, retirement, or graduation gifts. Don’t forget to include an engraving inside the ring band, such as initials, dates of service, or a short special message. For those that want to give a gift that is truly unique, military rings will certainly do the trick. Simply place your order online and watch as your friend or loved one’s face lights up when opening this impressive gift.

For more information on Military rings, click here

Create a unique heirloom with Military Rings

Many military members have pieces of their careers that are passed onto their children. These might include photos, awards, patches, and specialty items that have been purchased in another country. It provides a timeline of sorts for their career and the military campaigns they participated in. One very unique gift idea that will treasured for years to come is the military ring.

Beautiful Timeless Creations
Military rings never go out of style. In fact, the tradition of the military ring is over 175 years old. The first rings were given to graduating cadets of the United States Air Force academy in 1835.

Since that time, every military academy gives their graduates military class rings. Some are passed on to family members that attend the same academy.The right history behind this ring is just as important as the appearance of the ring itself.

Military Rings

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You may check more information on Militiary rings here

Army military intelligence: collection, analysis, processing, and dissemination of information

The USAICoE stands for the United States Army deployment ring
Intelligence  of Excellence. It’s the Army’s school
for training their military intelligence personnel.
It has been located at Fort Huachuca,Arizona since
1993 after moving from FortDevens, MA.

Any enlisted personnel or officers who are in the
military intelligence field attend this school,
as well as many international students in military exchange
programs. AIT students who attend school here become
Human Intelligence Collectors, Intelligence Analysts,
and UAV controllers. Other personnel may be a
member of the Military Intelligence Corps.

Military Intelligence utilizes a number of different information collection and analysis mediums to commanders in order to help guide and offer direction in the commander’s decisions. Available data is used to determine a course of action or to provide an answer to focused questions. The commander’s specific needs for intelligence are considered and then incorporated into the intelligence collection process, as well as the analysis and dissemination of the information.

There are several different types of military intelligence – strategic, operational, and tactical. Strategic intelligence deals with political assessments, economics, and foreign nations’ intentions and military capabilities. It could be tactical, technical, scientific, diplomatic, or sociological, but all of the information is used in conjunction with known facts, such as demographics, geography, and industrial capacities.

Customize a Military Ring

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Operational intelligence is more focused on support for an expeditionary commander. Tactical intelligence supports operations on a tactical level. Personnel in this area of military intelligence are usually attached to headquarters. Current threat levels are scrutinized and this information is then passed onto those that will be out into hostile territories.

Intelligence tasking will focus on a number of different variables, with the common goal to be the collection, analysis, processing, and dissemination of information that will ultimately influence planning and operational strategy. A great deal of information is available to the public, such as the tonnage and weaponry of most capital ships. The same is true for aircraft. Photographs can project speed and range, maps can be used for various information gathering tactics, and counter-intelligence services make sure that some information available to our enemies will lead them down a misrepresented path. However, the media continues to be a primary source of information, as well.

Many people have a common misconception when it comes to the Army Military Intelligence Group. It is not full of spies and James Bond-like gadgets. Information gathering comes from a number of simple and complex sources, each of which must be verified for its authenticity. Today’s Army military intelligence is one of the most impressive units in the United States Military. It helps protect our country against threats, both foreign and domestic.

If you or a loved one have served in the Army’s Military Intelligence Division, then consider honoring this service with a beautiful Army ring. Show off the insignia of your unit by having it engraved on the side of one of the many styles of Army rings or even under a semi-precious stone on the top. These Army rings are gorgeous reminder of the service and sacrifice of all soldiers and will likely become a treasured family heirloom.