Military Rings symbolize honorable service


The first military rings were given to the graduates  of the United States Military Academy in 1835. Since that time, this piece of  military jewelry has become a tradition, but not only for those that graduate from a military academy. Today, they are used to recognize a military member’s service, but with a personal touch. There are many styles of rings available and … [Read more...]

Create a unique heirloom with Military Rings

Many military members have pieces of their careers that are passed onto their children. These might include photos, awards, patches, and specialty items that have been purchased in another country. It provides a timeline of sorts for their career and the military campaigns they participated in. One very unique gift idea that will treasured for years to come is the military … [Read more...]

Army military intelligence: collection, analysis, processing, and dissemination of information

The USAICoE stands for the United States Army  Intelligence  of Excellence. It’s the Army’s school for training their military intelligence personnel. It has been located at Fort Huachuca,Arizona since 1993 after moving from FortDevens, MA. Any enlisted personnel or officers who are in the military intelligence field attend this school, as well as many international … [Read more...]