Retirement Rings

Retirement Rings for all service members. retirement rings
Commemorate your retirement and deployments to Iraq, Kuwait, Afghanistan,Vietnam, Korea, Germany and any other country you have been stationed in over your military career.

Retirement rings are one of the many ways you can tell you story and also create a wonderful family heirloom. We have literally hundreds of design combinations
that will suit all those who are retiring or considering retirement.

Design Retirement Rings

Starting from the top of the ring, you can select the birthstone to suit your month. Next customize the wording around the stone to reflect which area in the armed service you served in. Moving on to the sides of the ring, known as the left and right shank, you will be able to select two images, and above these images it is usual to put your name or special dates.

Inside the ring you will have the option to engrave something special and meaningful also.

  • Decide what you want on your ring.
  • Decide what metal you would like.
  • Get your ring size, this is normally a half size larger than you wedding ring size.
  • Decide what color you would like in the stone, normal choice is your birth month.
  • Decide what text you would like around the stone to indicate what department you served with.
  • Now take a look at the insignias and emblems for the side of the ring that best relate to your units or brigade.
  • Choose the text such as the name or date that you would like above the emblems on either side.

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