Deployment Rings

Deployment Rings for OEF – OIF – ODS – Vietnam oef-military-ring

For the last one hundred years or more the United

States have been invited to take part in campaigns and wars
throughout the world to assist in the protection
of our security and freedom.

One of the largest military forces on the planet can be ready and
mobile at very short notice, this is testament to the level of training
that every member of the military receives when in basic and throughout their career.

Deployment Rings – Name, Rank, Campaign Dates and Details
Why wear a military ring? well I put to you another question, why wear any
ring, why wear a wedding ring or and engagement ring.The simple fact is that
these rings have meaning and they show that the person wearing this ring has
commitment, loyalty and integrity and a belief in their cause
and most of all a great deal of pride in what they have done and are doing.

Deployment Rings

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During the last twenty years American troops along with their allies
have been involved in some historic and world changing deployments in the Middle East.

I’m sure if you go into any home in the United States someone in that home knows
someone or possible even has a family member serving overseas in places
These are brave individuals who are in these areas for the most part not by
choice, but because they enlisted in to our military to defend
the democratic rites of our society to life in peace.

Saddam Hussein and many other like him have been responsible for the murder and disappearance
of innocent people, and had to be stopped before they became a threat to the entire world.


Bowie Maryland.
I recently returned from my second tour overseas and I wanted to find a custom made ring representing the operations and unit I was in, as well as the accomplishments I have achieved through out my military career. I happened to be surfing the internet and came across your site, it was easy and fast to design what I wanted on my ring so it would be one of a kind. The sales personnel were excellent and I couldn’t be any happier with the ring I had made, I’m also thinking about getting one done for my wife as well.
Thanks for everything.
MSG Stargel Infantry U.S. Army

Mrs Nancy Gray
New York
We recently purchased a Military Ring for our son and Hero returning from his first tour in Iraq.
We were delighted that it arrived in time for Christmas. After having placed our order, we had some questions, and you answered these immediately, by email and telephone. Having guessed at a size, of which we chose the wrong one, we are pleased to know that this is a company that continues to work with their customers.
They are more than accomodating to help us resolve this issue. I have and will continue to recommend this company to my friends and family. We look forward to doing business with you again in the future.
The Family of PFC William Gray

Today each member of the armed forces can have the opportunity to create a deployment rings that will forever commemorate and honor their involvement in the campaigns such as Operation Iraqi Freedom,

Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Desert Storm along with previous operations like Vietnam and
World War One and Two.

Deployments are for every department of the military from the private to the General,
everybody plays a role in this huge commitment to peace and stability in our world today.

We create and design customized deployment rings that can be inscribed with
your number, rank, and name and provide an excellent mo-memento of that special occasion in every soldiers life.

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The Vietnam Veterans Ring  and the Operation Desert Storm Rings  are two very popular rings.They can be fully customized with the soldiers name, dates of deployment and other military
and personal details to capture special moments in history.When you proceed to our online shop you can get more information on how to design the perfect military deployment ring.“SAMPLE ORDER SELECTIONS”
Wording aroud Stone: United States Army,
Stone Colour: September(Blue),
Stone Cut: Laser Vue with design.
Laser Vue: Cross Rifles,
Ring Style: Mens Atlas-Round,
Size: 9.5
Left Side Text: Johnson
Right Side Text: OIF 03-08
Inside Text: “Never Forgotten”
Left Des.: Operation Iraqi Freedom,
Right Des.: Dept of Army,Text On Sides
You can have up to two lines on the sides of your ring:
Each line can only be 9 characters including spaces.