Marine Corps Rings

Marine Corps Rings for The United States Marine Corps 

The Few, the Proud and the Brave can be customized to show the career history of any retired or serving marine. The United States’ most noble brotherhood. A small but elite group of men and women protecting our freedom. Marines have been in the forefront in every American armed conflict since the Revolutionary War.

Originally consisting of infantry based on naval vessels, the Marine Corps today is an amphibious ground assault force. Because they so often take the lead in assaults, combat Marines are often in great physical danger. Marines are proud of their service, and there’s no better way for a Marine to show that pride than by wearing one of our beautifully crafted Marine Corps Rings.


Symbolizing the Marine Corps

Marine corps rings perfectly symbolize all the things the Corps stands for: physical strength, strength of character, commitment, sacrifice and history. The Marine Corps motto – Semper Fidelis – means “always faithful.” And “always faithful” is the Marine Corps in a nutshell. The motto is often shortened to Semper Fi and used as a battle cry, and Marines also use it just to show their pride in being Marines. But wearing one of our striking Marine corps rings is an even better way. Marine rings can indicate a person’s service in the Marine Corp in general, without going into any detail.

marine corps rings

Marine Corps Ring Features

These Marine corps rings usually feature the famous Eagle, Globe and Anchor emblem of the Marine Corps. Other Marine rings are designed to show a Marine’s service in a particular regiment, battalion or other military unit.

Marine Corps Campaign Rings

marine_corps_ringsMarine corps rings can also show service during a specific war or military engagement such as the Gulf War, the Korean Conflict or World War 2. Some Marine rings are designed for prisoners of war, and still others use the design of a combat medal or decoration awarded to the owner. Marine corps rings usually come in one of three basic designs, all generally available in your choice of sterling silver, yellow gold or white gold.

Marine Corps Ring Design and style

The first type of Marine corps ring resembles high school or college class rings. This style usually has a colored stone or semi-precious gem in the center and intricate symbolic designs engraved on each side of the stone, cascading down the sides of the band. The second type of Marine corps ring is more understated but still conveys the owner’s dedication and service. This style sometimes has a central stone or semi-precious gem, but other times its central surface is decorated by an image engraved into the metal at the top. Its simple, elegant design means that the sides of the band are usually not engraved.

The third basic design for a Marine ring resembles a signet ring or seal ring.

This type has no central stone or gem and uses military coats of arms or Marine Corps insignia as the design on the top of the ring. Many Marine rings, no matter which type, incorporate the beautifully engraved heraldic emblem of a specific command, task force or unit of the Marines.

  • All of our high-quality Marine corps rings are striking, with intricately engraved detail. Marine rings can be made even more special by engraving the initials or name of the owner into the band.

All Marines deserve a way to show us their pride and dedication. They deserve one of our beautifully crafted Marine rings.