Gold Military Rings

Gold Military Rings are available in White and Yellow Gold for all units and divisions. Perhaps you have just joined the military, or have spent many years in the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force or Coast Guard and right now you would like a special piece of jewelry to mark the occasion, well you’ve arrived in the perfect place. At we have a huge selection of designs and images for you to choose from, to create a unique ring to record your own personal military story and tell it your way.

Gold Military Rings in White & Yellow Gold

The gold used in the making of military rings, initially come from mines in places like Peru, Africa and other noted places around the world. It is painstakingly work carried out by miners who sometimes descend into tunnels 16,000 feet below the earth’s surface to bring up this treasured and revered metal for for use in the manufacture of jewelry and other objects of art.
gold military rings
The Incas were the first to mine for Gold but were soon followed by the Spanish who lusted after silver and gold. The price of gold has soared in the years 2009 and 2010 as the world has plunged into the worst global recession since the 1920,s. Military Rings are available in white and yellow gold, rose gold is  also available but is certainly not as popular as the other two mentioned. It is nice to have options as some people are allergic to one or other and also depending on your skin tone white may be more suitable .

The Perfect Retirement Ring

For all its lustre and allure, only 160,000 tons of gold has been mined and to put this in perspective that would be about enough to fill two Olympic pools. The worlds deposits are being depleted and we have to move to very remote areas to find more, place like the Congo and Indonesia. Gold mining produces more waste than any other mining, well just think back about what we know about prospecting in the olden days out west, when prospectors would sieve through a lot of dirt before the would get a single ounce of gold.