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Operation Enduring Freedom

deployment ring

What and why do we have to endure anything, 
what does endure mean, do you know?
If you take a look at any dictionary you will
see that the meaning of this word is to tolerate,
undergo and possibly bear. But really when you think
about it if you are free well why would you have to
endure or bear anything other than something that would make you happy.

Operation Enduring Freedom Military Rings
As you read this,you and I know that there are brave men
and women who are enduring enormous hardship in the Afghanistan,
from the terrain the weather and also the enemy. Sometimes an deadly
enemy that act ghost-like in secret locations that are not easy to
find and eventually when these are located they are booby
trapped ready for the advancing intruder.

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In the Korengal Valley in Afghanistan know to all the troops as
” Death Valley” and has been the scene of some of the heaviest
conflicts in this on going campaign to rid the world of some of the evilest men on the planet.

Operation Enduring Freedom and Afghanistan.

Afghanistan was once a beautiful prospreous country and how many of its inhabitants long for it to revert to those unique times, but they have resigned themselves to thinking that tis may be a long wait. In the ancient city of Herat is a graveyard where its illustrious citzens are interred and in this are local people gather for picnics every Friday. When they are there they visit a grave where in lies a young woman of twenty five years old and her name is Nadia Anjuman and the reason she is in this grave is that she wrote poetry. Under the Taliban this is not allowed and the mind boggling element of all this is that she was not killed by the Taliban but by her own husband, an evil evil man. You see the simple act of writing, leaving their homes women in Afghanistan could end up mutilated or dead so this part of the world is still rife with the persecution of women.

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Coast Guard Rings

The United States Coast Guard is probably quite similar coast-guard-ring

to other Coast Guards around the world in so far as that
their main purpose is to protect the environment, the
public and of course the economy and security on the

It has jurisdiction in both domestic and international waters and
in wartime will work under the Department of the Navy but in
peace time it works under the Department of Homeland Security.

The Coast Guard patrols the sea around our nation but also the inland waterways which
may be at risk from narcotics dealers and other undesirables.


Coast Guard Ring

The Coast Guard ring is very similar to all the other
military rings in that they can be customized with
all the personal and military details of the member.

Quite a few of the Coast Guard personnel have
served in overseas campaigns and they like to
wear the coast guard ring to reflect this.

Coast Guard Rings

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Coast Guard Ring and the Motto;

balfour-images-031Like all other departments of the Armed Forces that have mottos the Coast Guard is no different. Their motto is “Semper Paratus” which is the Latin for “Always Prepared” and we are sure glad that we have them to protect us from evil. The Coast Guards roots stem back to August the fourth 1790 when Alexander Hamilton established it under the Dept of the Treasury and was actually the only Navy Force that the United States had until the re-establishing on the US. Navy in 1798.

One of their functions in that time was to address the situation with regard to piracy which was wreaking havoc on the high seas and to assist and other vessel that might be in any difficulty.

They are often referred to as the 1st Fleet but this is only an informal way of referring to them as they were in essence the only protection during the years from 1790 to 1798 for our coastline and other sea going vessels.


Modern Coast Guard Ring

In 1915 or around that time the merging of United States Life Saving Service and that of the Revenue Cutter Service formed the United States Coast Guard.

The Coast Guard are not just a docile department, they have taking part in conflicts and campaigns like the War of 1812, the American Civil War and World War Two where they operated under the US Navy.


Coast Guard Ring Ethos;

  • I am America’s maritime guardian.
  • I serve the citizens of the United States.
  • I will protect them.
  • I will defend them.
  • I will save them.
  • I am their shield.
  • For them I am Semper Paratus –“Always Prepared”
  • I live the Coast Guard core Values
  • I am a Guardian.
  • We are the United States Coast Guard.

The Coast Guard Ensign 

Coast Guard Ensign is sixteen vertical stripes alternate white and red and the union of the ensign is the arms of the United States in dark blue on a white field. The sixteen stripes represent the number of states in the United States of America at the time which was 1799. For more information check back with us from time to time. Order a beautiful ring by clicking on our shop.

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Coast Guard Ring Designs

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