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Army Rings

Army Rings for all divisions and units of the United States Army

We have Personalized Rings for all divisions and units of the United States Army. Army-Rings
We specialized in manufacturing handcrafted customized
Army Rings for the US Army that consists of hundreds of
thousands of men and women who are constantly
on duty, constantly ready to protect their country
and the citizens of the free world.

Ready to respond immediately to any mission, they protect us, they
defend our freedom and they provide a shield for their country’s
national borders and interests throughout the world.In peacetime
and during war, from private to general they are the world’s strongest fighting force.


Customize a Military Ring

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How can we honor with US Army Rings

We honor the men and women currently serving in the Army. We also honor all those who served in the past, shielding, defending and protecting us all through their sacrifices. There is no better way to honor those men and women, no better way for them to show their commitment to us and to their country, than one of our stunning Army rings.

Army Rings Beautiful and Enduring
Army rings are a beautiful, enduring symbol of an officer’s or enlisted person’s commitment. A symbol that’s as enduring and strong as the commitment itself. The Army has seven core values: loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity and personal courage. The strength of character these values represent is perfectly reflected by Army rings. US Army rings can indicate a person’s service in the Army in general or they can be customized to reflect membership in a specific regiment, battalion or other Army unit.

such as:

  • the 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment
  • the 101st Airborne Division
  • the 10th Mountain Division
  • the Green Berets

Army rings can also be designed to show service in a specific war or armed conflict.

such as

  • the Gulf War
  • Operation Enduring Freedom (the War in Afghanistan)
  • Operation Desert Storm
  • the Vietnam War
  • the Korean Conflict or World War II.

Army Rings can even be designed for prisoners of war.
Other Army rings incorporate the design of a specific combat medal, badge or other military decoration into their design. But whatever the design, Army rings are beautiful and deeply symbolic.  Army rings generally use one of three basic designs, each of which is usually available in your choice of sterling silver, yellow gold or white gold. The first type is somewhat ornate and similar to the class rings you might see from high school or college. This style of Army ring conveys strength and usually has a colored stone or semi-precious gem set into its center. Symbolic designs are typically engraved or etched on each side of the stone, stretching well down the sides of the band.

The second type of Army ring is a more elegant choice.
Featuring flowing lines, it is a less ornate, less massive and much more streamlined style of Army ring that conveys the wearer’s dedication and service in a more understated way. This style of Army ring is sometimes set with a central stone or semi-precious gem, but other times its central surface has no stone and a symbolic image or meaningful text is engraved into the metal at the top. In keeping with its simple elegance, the sides of the band are usually not engraved or otherwise decorated. The third basic design for an Army ring is similar to a signet ring or seal ring. This type has no central stone or gem and uses military coats of arms or Army insignia as the design at the top of the ring.

Army Rings reflect each service:
Many Army rings, no matter which basic design is used, incorporate the beautifully engraved coat of arms, seal or crest of a specific branch or command of the Army, or if the customer prefers, the coat of arms, seal or crest of a specific division, brigade, regiment or other Army unit. Some Army rings, especially the first type, also include additional heraldic symbols, insignia or other emblems of Army service engraved into the band. The high-quality Army rings we sell are quite striking and feature intricately engraved detail. And if the center of the Army ring is set with colored gemstones or enameled with vivid colors, the effect is even more dramatic.Army rings can be personalized in a number of ways, including engraving the initials or name of the owner into the band.Personalized Army rings are uniquely appropriate to honor the importance of the owner’s past or present service.